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OrigaStat - OGS100+ with OrigaCell Kit

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OrigaStat - OGS100+ with OrigaCell Kit
This Potentiostat - Galvanostat - Impedancemeter, designed by OrigaLys Electrochem SAS is a complete solution with an attractive shape.

L'OGS100+ is composed by:
The potentiostat
And the built-in electrochemical cell:
Orange plastic cover
Electrode Holder with LEDS
Beaker Holder

Each instrument from 
OrigaLys Electrochem SAS benefits from more than 20 years background and knowledge in Electrochemistry. It works with its user-friendly software:

The OGS100 performs pH and temperature measurements. The OGS100 can also be connected to a low current probe: OrigaM” and a current booster: OrigaBooKst. The general specifications of the OGS100 are the same than the OGS080.

Compliance voltage: +17.5 V

Maximum curren: +100 mA

Maximum potential applied: +V  

New impedance ability100 ”Hz to 1 KHz

From 100 ”Hz to 5 MHz with the OGFEIS

Technical specifications
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