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OrigaTrod - Rotating Disk Electrode


Micro-électrodes Or, Argent, Platine

Perform accurate and reliable kinetic measurements thanks to our Rotating Disk Electrode. This instrument is perfectly designed for the electrochemistry. Discover our kit, including the electrode with its digital encoder, its speed controller, its USB connection and its PC software.

✓  From 100 to 10 000 rpm

✓ Accuracy : 0,35 %

✓  Optical digital encoder

✓  Contact doped with silver

✓  5 years warranty


Discover the rotating disk electrode issued from the Radiometer technology used for the EDI101: OrigaTrod. Controlled by a new version of the CTV101 : OrigaBox with a rotation speed ranging from 100 to 10 000 rpm.

OrigaTrod Lt

A rotating disk electrode with an integrated speed controller. Moreover, you can control the rotation speed manually thanks to the OrigaTrod Lt potentiometer with a rotation speed from 100 to 5 000 rpm.

Discover all our rotating disk electrode above.

électrodes électrochimie
électrodes électrochimie

Discover in our online shop, the all range of tips for electrochemistry.

For example :

✓ Glassy carbon

✓ Platin

✓ Gold

✓ Silver

✓ Copper

✓ Nickel

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OrigaTrod Kit - Rotating Disk Electrode

OrigaTrod Kit which includes:
  • OrigaTrod: Rotating Disc Electrode with digital encoder (as EDI101, A35T040)- 100 to 10,000 rpm - Without tips
  • OrigaBox: Speed Controller for Rotating Electrode
  • US or Euro Power Supply 
  • USB key for PC Software
  • 2m USB cord 
  • OrigaDoc: User's Guide
  • Case
OrigaTrod - Rotating Disk Electrode for OGS

Rotating Disc Electrode - RDE:
  • 100 to 10,000 rpm - Without tips
  • With short cords to be connected to the OrigaStat 
  • It could be ordered separately to an OrigaStat

OrigaTrod Lt - Rotating Disk Electrode with Potentiometer

OrigaTrod Lt includes:
  • OrigaTrod : Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) - 100 to 5,000 rpm - Without tips
  • Built-in Speed Controller
  • Potentiometer for the control of the Rotation Speed
  • Power adpator 100-240V/24V-1A