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AMF - Medical implant Company 29 Nov 2016

AMF - Specialized in shape memory alloys

In a DeviceMed magzine article (November/December 2016), Philippe Marx tells us the traps of the standard ASTM F2129 on the pitting corrosion. (ASTM F2129 : Standard Test Method for Conducting Cyclic Potentiodynamic Polarization Measurements to Determine the Corrosion Susceptibility of Small Implant Devices) 

He explains his decision of incorporting the analysis to control "a future drift in the implant quality".

"When we subcontract this test in a Laboratory, a simple trial report is not enough". 

"It is only with such a level of trial report that we can hope to win the trust of an auditor of CE or FDA marking".

OGF01A Pack used by AMF

OGF01A Pack, used by AMF

This system allows you to deal with the following standards: ASTM F2129, ASTM F1875, ASTM F746, ASTM F3044, DNV-RP-B401

Please, consult us for other standards.

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Aeroprotec - Aeronautic Coatings Company 11 Nov 2015



Expert in Aeronautic Coatings

It has been 6 years that Aeroprotec uses the OrigaLys' Potentiostat: ”We work on the anticorrosion coatings and we need to make measurements on characterizations and on production electrolyte research. By using this potentiostat, we develop the analysis method to anticipate the weak aspect of a process metal deposition." 
"This device can be monitored, thus we can easily control the experiment conditions; it brings us a huge capacity to realize measurement on research field, and mainly on the process itself. The results are very relevant."

Aéroprotec Processing Chain


University of Angers - GEPEA UMR CNRS 6144 15 Jan 2015

Maxime Pontié professor at University of Angers

  • Board Member of "Groupe Français de Bioélectrochimie (GFB, French Group of Bioelectrochemistry)".

"As recent user of the OGS100 from Origalys, I easily performed Electro-assisted deposits (see the draw) and mainly I worked with current ranges (mA) fitting my needs (big electrode surfaces). The software is easy to use, only few minutes are necessary. With a flash memory, the software is installed and the Potentiostat is connected to the computer, then the parameters of the Electrochemical techniques are easily set to perform the needed voltammogram. The data post-treatment is facilitated by the direct export to Excel. Finally, according to the students who used it during there Practical Works in Master and Environment Licence Degree, the "design" is very nice."


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IUT Besançon - Chemical Department 15 Dec 2014


Mrs Marie-Laure Doche

Internship Manager – 2° Study Director

IUT of Besançon - Vesoul

  • Why did you choose the OrigaLys?


Mrs Doche: I have selected the OrigaLys ins-trument because it is designed and manufactured in France. So, I can trust the highly-qualified R&D team and receive an efficient after-sales service. The link with Radiometer Analytical was also a good point, even if the OrigaLys instruments are more modern.”

  • Why did you choose the OrigaStat OGS100 ?


Mrs Doche: The first criteria was the very competitive price, according the provided services. Then, its recent design shows a long-term investment but also easy to use. The students really like the nice shape and mainly its high technological performance.


  • What do you think of the services included in the Software controlling the OGS100?


Mrs Doche: OrigaLys always listens to its customers’ needs. The team is highly competent and reactive. It is shown in the software improvements as well as quick implementation without any hesitation.



  • What are the other criteria of your choice?
Mrs Doche: The OGS100 perfectly fits the tea-ching of practical work, registered to the program of the IUT Chemical Department. The software is user friendly for the students.

Lycée du Parc - Preparatory Class PC* 15 May 2014

Luc Martel, Professor of Chemistry in PC*, at "Lycée du Parc" in Lyon uses the potentiostat / Galvanostat / impedancemeter OrigaStat - OGS100 in compliance with the programs of scientific preparatory classes.



This scientific tool allows professors from different fields: MP, PC, PSI, PT and TPC to carry out demonstration projects and creates a better understanding of electrochemical measurement.


Detection of Slow-Fast system (voltammetry or chronopotentiometry/amperometry), observation of diffusion limited current (influence of concentration in a solution, linear voltammetry, use of Rotating Electrode) and studies of wet corrosion (Flade and EVANS Potential) are made in Preparatory classes.


Electrochemistry is growing every day, thanks to its huge range of applications in the Industry. That's way, new Practical Works will be created for September 2014. It will be based on Battery methods, mainly on Fuel Cells (Cahrge and Discharge).



The Lycée du Parc has two devices potentiostat/galvanostat/Impédancemètre OrigaStat - OGS100. In order to allows the students to work on that methods, more devices have to be purchased. 


  • Why did you choose OrigaLys?


First time I heard about OrigaLys, it was during our collaboration with the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Lyon). OrigaLys has fixed their Radiometer’s instrument. After analysing the whole product range on the OrigaLys website, the OrigaStat OGS080 seemed the most suitable device for our teaching purposes, especially because of the software intuitive programming (flowchart). Indeed, it was one of the most important criteria to select OrigaLys instruments.
Its evolutionary capacities, such as battery methods implementation, makes the OrigaStat the perfect instrument for preparatory classes for PC*. Thus, we would be able to have great and various methods for teaching.

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