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VoltaMaster 4 Update

1. Can you update VoltaMaster 4?

We are officially in charge of the Radiometer's after sales service, concerning the failure from the Hardware. The software, VoltaMaster 4 remains at 100 % the propriety of Hach. So, we do not have the agreement to update it.But we can offer you a special discount on our own products. Indeed, our engineers are the VoltaLab and VoltaMaster designers. The products and software from OrigaLys come from these devices. With OrigaMaster, our sofware, we will find all the functions of VoltaMaster but with a modern interface and connectivity (by USB). All the curves you obtained with VoltaMaster can be used with OrigaMaster. Thus, we do not lose any data and you have the benefits of new post treatments. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or for a free trial of OrigaMaster.

Instrument replacing Voltalab 06

2. Can you offer a Voltalab 06 replacement?

Yes, we can offer similar devices. Indeed, our engineers are former engineers from R&D Departement of Radiometer Analytical. So, they know very well Voltalab 06 (PST006 & VoltaMaster 4) because they have designed it. 
OrigaLys benefits from more than 25 years know-how in ElectroChemistry field and Potentiostat manufactoring.
For example, we propose the OrigaStat - OGS080.

Please, contact us for more information. 
Phone: +33 9 54 17 56 03

I can't find the answer to my question

3. I can't find the answer to my question, what can I do?

Click on the Contact us section and let us know your question. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Our methods of payment

4. What payment methods do you accept?

You have several possibilities to pay your purchases:

- Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
- Payment by bank transfer

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