The president's message

Frédéric DUSSAUT, CEO of OrigaLys
Welcome to our website and thank you for giving me the opportunity to present this unique adventure to you:
Human, Technological and Economic named:
OrigaLys is today housed in modern, bright and functional premises (BBC) located in the northern suburbs of Lyon, the cradle of modern chemistry.
It is within this technological crucible that our multicultural team imagines and develops innovative instruments while preserving the cultural and scientific heritage of Mr. Tacussel, who with his range of potentiostats was the market leader in the 1960s.
The success of OrigaLys is based on a young, motivated and united team! To achieve this result, we made the bet to invest in youth and work-study programs while ensuring that we transmit know-how and share knowledge.
There is no strong team without peace of mind, for this reason OrigaLys offers excellent social protection (mutual and insurance).
No success without listening and sharing information, here the collaborator is not an anonymous number but a known and respected person whose word is welcomed with kindness
No team without corporate life, ours is rich in the diversity of cultures welcomed and common activities. Board game during the lunch break, Friday morning news coffee, sports activities and or arrangement of the shared terrace using recycled pallets without forgetting our famous end-of-year meal co-constructed by the team.
No business without products and from the start, OrigaLys has driven the electrochemistry market by offering: innovative products, with careful design and a 5-year guarantee. In 13 years we will have offered our customers 20 new products, software and services.
The OrigaStat with its attractive and functional design, is still the only compact and transportable potentiostat integrating a rotating electrode controller, an integrated and removable cell, a stirrer and pH and T°C measurement..
The OrigaFlex with its unparalleled modularity, is still the only multi-channel: offering the possibility of adding or removing an additional channel in 1 click, of mixing different powers without adding a “booster” and without expensive and proprietary connectors.
Since September 2023 we have been offering the OrigaMux: an innovative Multiplexer and the OrigaCorr: a robust field device intended for carrying out corrosion measurements in difficult environments. These 2 devices were developed in partnership with renowned research institutes.
Finally, our method of incremental innovation and continuous improvement has allowed us to put the OGF+ on the market which, by embedding the impedance measurement in the measurement channel, significantly improves its quality and drastically reduces the bulk. of the system.
OrigaLys is a French family-owned company. The capital is in the hands of the founders and we are proud to have opened 10% of it to our young employees in 2015. This operation will be repeated soon and as many times as necessary. This shareholding guarantees our independence and our freedom of action with the sole aim of serving the interests of our clients.
We are now 13 years old, our development is continuous and I wanted to thank you for your trust. We are counting on you to continue the adventure together and offer you the best products, software and services. We have so many projects to share with you.
Thank you for your attention,

Frédéric DUSSAUT

Frédéric DUSSAUT, CEO of OrigaLys

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