OrigaFlex - OGF05A

OrigaFlex - OGF05A

(Code: X13OGL003)

OrigaFlex - OGF05A
  • Potentiostat
  • Galvanostat
  • Temperature probe
  • Connector for Battery holder
  • 20V 5A USB


OrigaFLEX concept
technical specification
achat potentiostat simple

The OGF05A is a Potentiostat, Galvanostat and Battery Cycling measurement channel. Connected to a power supply module (OGFPWR) or a driving module (OGFDRV), the OGF05A is a trully independant channel of 5 A.

Included functions:

  • Potentiostat
  • Galvanostat
  • Temperature measurement
  • Battery holders connector
  • GND connexion

5 years warranty!

One potentiostat for TWO possibilities

The OrigaFlex range is a multi-channel system, modular Mutli-potentiostats, compact and unique on the market. You can start your system with a single channel and then extend it without limit with an ETHERNET connection. 



To operate, your single-channel potentiostat must be connected to a power supply or a "pilot" channel


With the OGFPWR, you can start with a single channel, with or without an impedance module

With an OGFDRV, you can expend your single-channel in a multi-channel, with or without an impedance module.

TWO software depending on your use

Depending on your configuration, drive your device with OrigaMaster 5 in USB or with OrigaViewer in ETHERNET. Individually, each channel is controlled by USB, via OrigaMaster 5. Simultaneously, each channel is controlled by ETHERNET, via OrigaViewer. 

PC software OrigaMaster 5

The single-channel system is controlled by USB via the OrigaMaster 5 software.

PC software OrigaViewer

The multi-channel system is controlled by ETHERNET via the OrigaViewer software.

A flexible system

Single or multi-channel, it is always possible to split your system to obtain many configuration. For example:

A multi-channel system => 1 multi-channel system+ 1 single-channel system


A multi-channel system => 1 multi-channel system + 1 single-channel + 1 other single-channel

Split a multi-channel system in two

A single-channel



A multi-channel


A flexible system without limit

It is always possible to split but also to expend a single or multi-channel system. With an Ethernet switch, by connecting "pilote channel" OGFDRV, you can have a multi-channel system, multi-potentiostats without limit.

Extend a multi-channel system

The multi-channel system is drived by ETHERNET via OrigaViewer.

Example of multi-channel

OGFDRV + 5 x OGF500 + 1 x OGFEIS


OGFDRV + 4 x OGF01A + 1 x OGFEIS

Main specifications

 Maximum current

 Current range 

Current resolution

 Current accuracy

 Compliance voltage

 Applied potential

 Potential resolution

 Potentiel accuracy

OrigaFlex - OGF05A

 ±5 A

 ±50 µA to ±5 A

 0.003 %. Best : 1.5 nA

 < 0.1 % Full scale range

 ±20 V

 ±15 V

 0.003 %

 < 0.1 % Full scale range

Compatible and optional modules


Impedance module : 10 µHz - 5 MHz

OrigaTrod Kit

OrigaTrod : Rotating disk electrode

OrigaBox : Speed controller

from 100 to 10 000 RPM


Low current potentiostat

Current range:

±1 pA, ±10 pA, ±100 pA, ±1 nA and ±10 nA.

Best current resolution:

30 aA

Batterie holder

Coin cells holder

Temperature sensors included

Thickness: 3,2 mm maximum

Diameter: 20 mm maximum

Other complementary accessories




Glass cell

The flexibility of the OrigaFlex System is a strong point "


Scientific Research Center for CBRN Defense and Ecology, Roumanie.


Décontamination Photocatalytique

"We are working with an OrigaLys Multichannel system, testing different electrocatalytic materials used as anodes for fuel cells and we are also searching for methods of Photocatalytic Decontamination. The effects of using different catalysts are evaluated by electrochemical measurements of the generated species. The flexibility of the OrigaFlex System is a strong point for these instruments, as well as the high resolution and precision."

OrigaLys being the descendent of the old VoltaLab instrument family "


Université de Bucarest, Unibuc, Research Center: 3Nano-SAE (Nanosciences for Renawable and Alternative Energy Sources), Roumanie.


PEM fuel cells, Na-ion batteries, supercaps photo-electrochemical cells and, bioelectrochemical cells

"We have been involved for many years in studying different nanomaterials in order to be used in PEM fuel cells, Na-ion batteries, supercaps photo-electrochemical cells and, bioelectrochemical cells with  the OrigaLys flexible system proved to be apropriate for this purpose, due to its large measurement range and high resolution. OrigaLys being the descendent of the old VoltaLab instrument family, we have accepted their offer of Buy-Back VoltaLab and are now using a brand new OrigaFlex system instead. Master & PhD students as well experienced researchers are now performing complex measurements for their thesis and projects."

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