OrigaFlex - OGF500

OrigaFlex - OGF500

(Code: X13OGL001CIAL)

OrigaFlex - OGF500
  • Potentiostat
  • Galvanostat
  • Temperature probe
  • Connector for Battery holder
  • 20V 500mA USB


origaFLEX concept
Technical Specification
achat potentiostat simple

The OGF500 is a Potentiostat, Galvanostat and Battery Cycling measurement channel. Connected to a power supply module (OGFPWR) or a driving module (OGFDRV), the OGF500 is a trully independant channel of 500 mA.

Included functions:

  • Potentiostat
  • Galvanostat
  • Temperature measurement
  • Batteries holders connector
  • GND connexion

5 years warranty!

One potentiostat for TWO possibilities

The OrigaFlex range is a multi-channel system, modular Mutli-potentiostats, compact and unique on the market. You can start your system with a single channel and then extend it without limit with an ETHERNET connection.  



To operate, your single-channel potentiostat must be connected to a power supply or a "pilot" channel


With the OGFPWR, you can start with a single channel, with or without an impedance module

With an OGFDRV, you can expend your single-channel in a multi-channel, with or without an impedance module.

TWO software depending on your use

Depending on your configuration, drive your device with OrigaMaster 5 in USB or with OrigaViewer in ETHERNET. Individually, each channel is controlled by USB, via OrigaMaster 5. Simultaneously, each channel is controlled by ETHERNET, via OrigaViewer.

PC software OrigaMaster 5

The single-channel system is controlled by USB via the OrigaMaster 5 software.

PC software OrigaViewer

The multi-channel system is controlled by ETHERNET via the OrigaViewer software.

A flexible system

Single or multi-channel, it is always possible to split your system to obtain many configuration. For example:

A multi-channel system => 1 multi-channel system+ 1 single-channel system


A multi-channel system => 1 multi-channel system + 1 single-channel + 1 other single-channel

Split a multi-channel system in two

A single-channel



A multi-channel

OGFDRV + 4 x OGF500

A flexible system without limit

It is always possible to split but also to expend a single or multi-channel system. With an Ethernet switch, by connecting "pilote channel" OGFDRV, you can have a multi-channel system, multi-potentiostats without limit.

Extend a multi-channel system

The multi-channel system is drived by ETHERNET via OrigaViewer.

Example of multi-channel

OGFDRV + 5 x OGF500 + 1 x OGFEIS


OGFDRV + 4 x OGF01A + 1 x OGFEIS

Main specification

Maximum current

Current range

Current resolution

Current accuracy

Compliance voltage

Applied potential

Potential resolution

 Potential accuracy

OrigaFlex - OGF500

 ±500 mA

 ±5 nA to ±500 mA

 0.003 %. Best : 150 fA

 < 0.1 % Full Scale range

 ±20 V

 ±15 V

 0.003 %

 < 0.1 % Full scale range

Compatible and optional modules


Impedance: 10 µHz - 5 MHz

OrigaTrod Kit

OrigaTrod: Rotating Disk Electrode

OrigaBox: Speed controller

from 100 to 10,000 RPM


Low current potentiostat

Current range:

±1 pA, ±10 pA, ±100 pA, ±1 nA and ±10 nA.

Best current resolution:

30 aA

Battery holder

Coin cells holder

Temperature sensors included

Thickness: 3,2 mm maximum

Diameter: 20 mm maximum

Other complementary accessories




Glass cell

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