OrigaMeter - Bench pH-meter OpH218 - Simple Pack

OrigaMeter - Bench pH-meter OpH218 - Simple Pack

(Code: AR01126CIAL)

Simple Pack:
  • pH-meter
Range of pH measure: - 9 to 23 pH
Range of mV measure: ± 2000 mV


Technical specifications
OrigaTrod Kit

OrigaMeter - pH-meter OpH218

pH meter UK for Teaching and Laboratory

The pH-meters from Origalys (company founded by former Radiometer engineers) benefits from an easy to use interface and perfect specifications for Teaching purpose. With its design to last and the 5 year warranty (consumables not included), our pH-meters will fit your requirement as their interface are fully compatible with old Radiometer pH-meters.

Specifications of this professional pH-meter

✓ Easy to use and simple connections

✓ Data transfer (Regressi, Excel and ExAo)

✓ Trustable and fast results

✓ Design to last and easy to repair

OrigaLys pH-meter for laboratory: how it works


The instructions are simple and in French on a large display. The pH-meter calibration menu allows you to choose to calibrate on 1 to 3 pointsbetween two sets of buffers (IUPAC or 4-7-10). Another calibration method exists: the free mode, it allows you to dive the electrode and adjust the value of the buffer thanks to the arrows provided for this purpose, this calibration is carried out on two buffers. If you wish, you can use the calibration settings of the last manipulation.

Data transfer

The settings of the latest calibrations are stored in the instrument and can be exported in a .txt file thanks to the USB transfer. The pH-meter iscompatible with almost all Ex.A.O. systems. (Regressi included) thanks to its outputs (digital and analog). Measured data can only be exported in real time:

  • By USB to Excel
  • By RS232 to acquisition cards (Regressi software for instance)
  • By Analalog Out to acquisition cards

Measurement modes

Two measurement modes are available to facilitate the operator's work: manual mode, which allows continuous pH reading by displaying the stability indicator or the automatic mode where the result freezes when the signal is stabilized (100% stability).

Connecting the electrodes

The connections of the electrodes allow you to use the sensors of your choice (all brands) with the right cable: the single or combined electrode plugged into a BNC plug and the reference electrode connected with a 4 mm banana plug (if necessary). The temperature sensor connects with a CINCH input. Without a probe, you are free to manually enter the temperature on the main pH-meter screen.

Main specifications

Range of pH measure

Range of mV measure

Range of °C measure

pH resolution

mV resolution

°C resolution


Electrode Acceptance Criteria

OrigaMeter - OpH218

 - 9 to 23 pH

 ± 2000 mV

 - 10°C to 110°C (Manual or automatic correction)

 ± 0,01 pH

 ± 0,1 mV

 ± 0,1 °C

 1 to 3 buffers

Slope: 95 to 102 %

Zero-pH: 5,80 to 7,50 pH

Non-blocking criteria for calibration but genrating a warning message


pH Electrodes

Reference Electrodes

Temperature probe


pH-meter OpH2018



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