OrigaSens - Combined pH Electrode

OrigaSens - Combined pH Electrode

(Code: OGPH204)

pH Electrode Ball head
Length: 103mm
Diameter: 12mm
Electrolyte: 3M KCl + saturated AgCl
Reference element: Ag/AgCl
Range of pH: 0-14
190.00 EUR (EU only)

About OrigaSens - Combined pH Electrode

 Element pH
 Electrolyte  3M KCl + saturated AgCl
 Combined Yes
 Similar to pHC3011
 Temperature -5C to 80C 
 Diameter 12 mm 
 Range of pH 0-14
 Length 103 mm 
 Junction Porous, ball head
 Grinded No
 Connection  Screw Head S7

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