OrigaStat - Bipotentiostat Configuration

(Code: BIPOTOrigaStat)

Potentiostat All in One:

More details on how it works


The Bipotentiostat mode with OrigaStat Potentiostats

How it works

Each potentiostat of the OrigaStat range can be used as a Bipotentiostat. To do so, it is necessary to connect two OrigaStat devices. On one potentiostat, you connect a working electrode. On the other one, you connect the second working electrode, the counter-electrode, the reference electrode (if you work with three electrodes) and a second reference electrode (if you work with 4 electrodes). 


The Potentiostat n°1 is used for:

  • Working electrode n°1

WRK 2, AUX and/or REF and/or REF 2

The Potentiostat n°2 is used for:

  • Working electrode n°2
  • The counter-electrode
  • and/or a reference electrode 
  • and/or a reference electrode n°2


1. OGS080 + OGS080

2. OGS080 + OGS100

3. OGS080 + OGS200

4. OGS100 + OGS100

5. OGS100 + OGS200

6. OGS200 + OGS200

Electrodes connections

The electrodes are connected as below, according to the needed configuration.

2 electrodes: Two working electrodes and one counter-electrode.  

3 electrodes: Two working electrodes, one counter-electrode and one reference electrode (see the draw below).

4 electrodes: Two working electrodes, one counter-electrode and two reference electrodes.

At any case, connect the two GND connectors, with a Banana-Banana cable.

Example: two OrigaStat - OGS200. If the "front panel" of the OGS080 and the OGS100 can be different, the electrode connection principle remains the same.  

The PC Software OrigaMaster 5

Many options are available. Concretly, you can use one or two different computers. You need to open twice OrigaMaster. On one comuter, you can open two or more OrigaMaster sessions. The session 1 will monitor the Potentiostat n°1 and the session 2 will monitor the Potentiostat n°2. 


Le Potentiostat n°1 is connected to the PC with a USB cable.

Into the software OrigaMaster 5, the "START" block has to be set on "NORMAL 2".

OrigaMaster 5, START block set-up


The Potentiostat n°2 is also connected to a PC (the same computer) with a USB cable.

Into the software OrigaMaster 5, the "START" block has to be set on:

  • 2 electrodes for a 2 electrodes configuration
  • 3 electrodes for a 3 electrodes configuration
  • 4 electrodes for a 4 electrodes configuration

OrigaMaster 5, START block set-up

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