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OrigaStat - OGS200

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OrigaStat - OGS200

About OrigaStat - OGS200

This Potentiostat - Galvanostat - Impedancemeter, designed by OrigaLys Electrochem SAS is a complete solution with an attractive shape.

Each instrument from 
OrigaLys Electrochem SAS benefits from more than 20 years background and knowledge in Electrochemistry. It works with its user-friendly software:

The OGS200 performs pH and temperature measurements. The OGS200 can also be connected to a low current probe: OrigaM” and a current booster: OrigaBooKst.

Compliance voltage: +35 V

Maximum current: +2 A

Maximum applied potential+1V  

New impedance ability100 ”Hz to 1 KHz
From 100 ”Hz to 5 MHz with the OGFEIS

Technical specifications