Testimony Lycée du Parc

Testimony Lycée du Parc


Lycée du Parc - Lyon - Preparatory Classes for Engineer School

Luc Martel, professor in Chemistry.


About Testimony Lycée du Parc

Luc Martel, Professor of Chemistry in PC*, at "Lycée du Parc" in Lyon uses the potentiostat / Galvanostat / impedancemeter OrigaStat - OGS100 in compliance with the programs of scientific preparatory classes.

This scientific tool allows professors from different fields: MP, PC, PSI, PT and TPC to carry out demonstration projects and creates a better understanding of electrochemical measurement.


Detection of Slow-Fast system (voltammetry or chronopotentiometry/amperometry), observation of diffusion limited current (influence of concentration in a solution, linear voltammetry, use of Rotating Electrode) and studies of wet corrosion (Flade and EVANS Potential) are made in Preparatory classes.



Electrochemistry is growing every day, thanks to its huge range of applications in the Industry. That's way, new Practical Works will be created for September 2014. It will be based on Battery methods, mainly on Fuel Cells (Cahrge and Discharge).

The Lycée du Parc has two devices potentiostat/galvanostat/Impédancemètre OrigaStat - OGS100. In order to allows the students to work on that methods, more devices have to be purchased. 




Luc Martel: First time I heard about OrigaLys, it was during our collaboration with the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Lyon). OrigaLys has fixed their Radiometer’s instrument. After analysing the whole product range on the OrigaLys website, the OrigaStat OGS080 seemed the most suitable device for our teaching purposes, especially because of the software intuitive programming (flowchart). Indeed, it was one of the most important criteria to select OrigaLys instruments.
Its evolutionary capacities, such as battery methods implementation, makes the OrigaStat the perfect instrument for preparatory classes for PC*. Thus, we would be able to have great and various methods for teaching.


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